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Delicious Retouch Panel 4.1.3

build 246: There are some font size bugs: * the font size for the "Description" line is very small, (the line appears as if it is text-only), * the font size for the "Accessibility" line appears too big, The font size bugs are fixed in 4.1.4. The other changes are listed below. New/Changed in Retouch Panel 4.1.3: * Added new "Rename Key" action. * Showing a new, more friendly, error message in case of already existing directories. * Improved Error Pages. * Some improved accessability settings. * Different Font Sizes for "Description" and "Accessibility" * List of Media Types at the bottom of the (file types). * Scroll bars enabled in the list view. * Searchable list of media types * Changed backround color when the retouch panel is opened * Font size for the "Description" line is too small * "Display the selected image" now selects all images, (for this to work the crop rectangle has to be selected). * "Apply Gist" will now apply the changes. * Upload Image could be selected in the context menu. * Fixed some bugs. Fixed/Changed in Retouch Panel 4.1.3: * Fixed some UI glitches. * Improved error messages and icons. * Added interface language * The Retouch Panel will now be correctly closed. * Improved the layout of the windows in the Retouch Panel. * A window will now be created automatically if no image is selected. * Fixed a possible crash. * Fixed a possible crashes. * Changed the mouse-over image of the thumbnail. * Changed the name of the retouch panel. * Improved the make-up of the icon in the retouch panel. * Added the ability to set the size of the Image fields. * Added the ability to set the display format. * Added the ability to choose between "Scale Width and Height" or "Scale both." * Improved the handling of images with bad compression. * Added the ability to set the size of the Font field. * The new "Swipe" tool now works in Retouch Panel 4.1.2. * The "Compress

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